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Discounted Graduate Professional Readings


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A Reading is also a healing!

A clairvoyant reading can also be an intensive energy healing because the moment a clairvoyant looks at you, everything that is not you begins to fall away, move, and transform. The effect is even more vital when we set the intention for this. What might not be you? Thought forms, behavior patterns that aren't in sync with who you are now or what you want, outdated relationships, other people's programming, many different types of external energies, etc.


During a session, readers should be able to tune into the wisdom, longing, and truth of your heart and your subconscious mind, which contains valuable information for you. The goal is to make conscious what has been unconscious so that you can create new choices out of new awareness. Sure, there are many ways to achieve this, but a reading can be a shortcut to this process if that is in your best interest. (We all have defense mechanisms protecting us from the truth, sometimes for a good reason, but often those reasons aren't there anymore or get distorted, so it can take some time to get past these; that's why my readings are often fairly long). 

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Spirit Guides/Mediumship Readings

The readers will often communicate throughout the readings with your guides, their own, and the combination on a telepathic level.  

What is a graduate professional reading?

This is a clairvoyant reading offered by a graduate of the Level One and Level Two Clairvoyant Programs offered through the International School of Clairvoyance. Some of the graduates will be quite recently graduated from Level 2, having solely studied under our programs; some may have received training, experience, and practice elsewhere. Readers are only invited to participate if they have received training from Debra Katz and the ISC. Readings will not be supervised during the reading. As with all readings from any professional, the quality and consistency of information may vary. They can even be dependent on how open the person is who is receiving the reading.


Why would I want to receive a professional graduate reading? 


Well, first and foremost, at $125.00, these are less expensive than you would pay for a reading from a clairvoyant who has been reading for decades. You can also discover how even a more recent graduate can deliver helpful information, whether they have had a year of practice or a few years. This can be encouraging if you have any ambitions of developing your own abilities. Also, the readers selected for our professional graduate reading team have been selected for showing high proficiency levels, professionalism, and ethics. They are healers and readers, which comes through in everything they do, even when they do not intentionally work with specific energy healing classes or techniques.

How do graduate professional readings differ from the free Wednesday practice group readings available to the public?

A wide range of students perform the Wednesday practice group readings. Some may have just started in level one class with barely any experience. At the same time, some are long-time graduates who may even have started doing readings independently and are just returning to reap the benefits of doing readings and healing in a group experience. Students are very much practicing, and the information level can vary widely as, initially, newer clairvoyants may find information comes slower, and often, they don’t necessarily get clear meanings from these images. However, there are times they surprise everyone, especially themselves, right off the bat. Still, the continued practice of the techniques they have learned brings them to a faster reading speed, confidence, and recognition of what they are receiving and discussing. If you want to experience reading, healing, and the group reading process and don’t have expectations other than you’ll have an excellent experience. You’ll be thrilled to receive some helpful information but also be happy just to get to see what this is all about, and if you are on a strict budget, then a free student reading on Wednesdays may be best for you. (We do appreciate a $25 donation, though, especially if you’ve also had a reading from here.

If I don't like my reading, can I get a refund?

No, you are always free to cancel at any time before the reading. Still, once the reading has been conducted, you cannot get a refund because you are paying for the reader’s time and attention and various administrative tasks. With all readings, no matter what level of experience, there is no guarantee you will always like everything you hear. The readers must be as honest as possible, which means telling you the truth of what they see. Sometimes, they get future information that can not immediately be confirmed, and sometimes, the information may be outside your conscious awareness and not make sense immediately but can later down the line.


It is important to understand no reader will always get an answer to every question. No psychic does. Any that tells you they can answer any question and that their answer or information will always be 100 percent correct is not being honest. This is true of the best clairvoyants, remote viewers, mediums, and of everyone in any other profession, including doctors, nurses, attorneys, accountants, stock brokers, etc. What we do guarantee during your sessions is that we will give you our absolute 100 percent attention and make use of everything they learned throughout the ISC School to ensure you get the most out of your session.



What do I do if I am upset with something that transpired during my session? 

Please immediately write to me at and let me know what you experienced. Our readers are held to the highest ethical standards. They cannot offer you other services outside or within the school or try to convince you to call them again. They will never tell you that you need their continued help to be OK (although they might suggest you need further help from other professionals outside the school like a therapist, doctor, or healer, but only if they truly get this). They are also taught how to be kind and polite. This platform is not to be used as a recruiting tool in any way. Debra and the ISC believe that clients need to be empowered to get their answers, and readings should be kept to a minimum. That being said, graduate readers are still relatively new at this and are constantly learning how to manage their own emotions and those of their clients. If you feel upset by something that happened, please do not hesitate to report and discuss it with me to ensure the graduate readers can learn from their mistakes. A clear violation of ethics or inappropriate behavior can lead to a reader being removed from participating in this program.


What if readers have their own private practice?

Some readers already have practices outside of the ISC. If you wish to book with them directly, that is your prerogative. If you want to book a second reading with them directly, that is fine, too. However, we cannot do quality control should you book with them.


Also, readers are not qualified through the ISC to be instructors. They have signed noncompetition agreements while participating in this program (as far as offering duplicate services offered via us - they may offer different services not provided through us), so If you are interested in developing your clairvoyance or other psychic abilities after receiving a reading, please contact the school admin at


Do the readers receive the payment? 


Yes, the current agreement with the readers is they receive $75, and the school receives $50 to cover all admin costs. You are welcome to leave them a tip if you’d like.


Payment will be made via the International School of Clairvoyance via PayPal via the online booking calendar. Payment must be received before scheduling the reading. Each reader will accept their payment.


Fee: $125


Readers have different days and times they are available. They all have professional jobs or businesses, so they are unavailable 24/7 but have openings soon.

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