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International School of Clairvoyance
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Julie Starr Parker, Ph.D

Julie Starr Parker, PhD, is a transpersonal psychologist and psychic medium, offering a myriad of services including clairvoyant readings & healing, intuitive life coaching, and paranormal activity consultation and clearing. Julie is a graduate of the Master Class at the International School of Clairvoyance, which includes all 3 levels of Clairvoyance training, Mediumship, and Remote Viewing, and has also facilitated Wednesday and Sunday practice groups.  With a rich background, including a stint as a deputy sheriff, Julie provides insights into current life circumstances, relationships, goals, and future potentials, while also offering life coaching. Her services extend to providing solutions for those experiencing unsettling paranormal or psychic experiences, ensuring a holistic approach to spiritual and mental well-being. Julie provides accessible spiritual and psychic guidance to those seeking insight and clarity across various aspects of life.

"Julie is not only an incredible practitioner, she’s an incredible person. The moment you join her space, you can feel her kindness, joy, and humor, and they become the backdrop for the sacred care she gives to her readees." - Joanna H.


"Julie beautifully combines her background in psychology with her natural gifts as a psychic medium and is able to deliver highly individualized readings / healings. It's through her compassion, experience as a professor and natural gifts that she is able to deliver much-needed messages for anyone who would need insight and / or healing." - Jess L.

"Julie is a one of a kind clairvoyant, medium and spiritual warrior". - Debra K.

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