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FREE MEDIUMSHIP READING! With present students and graduates of the ISC Mediumship Program

Seeking to make contact with a deceased loved one or more than one? While we can't guarantee success, ISC graduates and present students enrolled in the 12-week Mediumship Class can use all the tools and determination they have to make a valid attempt. Additionally, they can tune into your guides who may have beneficial information and messages for you.

This is a complimentary service, although donations are always appreciated.
It's important to be as certain as possible you will be able to make your appointment before booking. These fill up fast and in the past, we have had too many cancellations which puts stress on our whole system as many people are involved in pulling these groups together so if you book we ask that you see it as a commitment. 

Meetings are via zoom, audio only. They will not be recorded so make sure you take notes. 

Also, this group is for spirit communication primarily. If you wish to have a reading on other aspects of your life, then you should instead schedule a clairvoyant reading with the practice groups on Wednesdays where you can ask a question and receive communication and healing about other things.

Note: you may only book one session with our practice groups per year. 

Practice Groups meet each Sunday at 7:15 am PDT (which is 10:15 am EST). To book a session please do so here:

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