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Energy Healing With Natalie


Energy healing can promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. It use universal life force energies that are believed to flow through us and balancing it promotes healing. The healing energy grounds us and stimulates thought process, making our thought patterns energized and uplifted. ​Energy healing can be helpful when you are depleted, overwhelmed and just dealing with too much, as it can induce a state of relaxation. Ultimately, it may clear energy, so you can get your own answers, and it supplement other treatment approaches.​

Healings are meant to help you get your own life force, power and center back, and to help you transform according to your own path and plans.  Healing can also center on your relationships with other people, your relationships to your goals and your relationships between the various parts of your self. A healing can often help alleviate some physical symptoms. Of course, it should not be used in place of consulting a medical professional. Medical advice or treatment is not given during a healing; rather a healing takes place first within the energy/spirit body and often makes its way to the physical.​

Holy Fire Reiki Vs  Metatronia Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal life-force energy, and is an ancient holistic energy technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and wholeness. It addresses one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Holy Fire Reiki is a new form of Reiki that was introduced a few years ago, and is both powerful and gentle. It tends to work even when you are not thinking about it, and respects free will. This healing modality can heal personal and relational issues without distress. ​


Metatronian Healing work in similar way, but is simply a different form of energy. It is a healing vibration received through Archangel Metatron, that aligns with the divine light, and that works on many levels. 


What to expect from an Energy Healing

​Everyone experience's the healing energy/vibrations differently and in their own ​unique way. It is common to experience different types of healings in similar ways, so if you've had a healing done before, it won't be that unusual. You may notice the following sensations, which is how the energy can show itself when it links with the physical form:

  • Relaxation, going in and out of a trance like state

  • Tingling in the scalp/head area

  • Spontaneous insights and clairvoyant flashes 

  • Electrical spasms in the body

  • Arm leg twitches, muscle spasm

  • Feeling tired or feeling energized

  • Losing time – many fall asleep during the session 

  • Emotional release – tears, anger, heightened emotional state  

  • Buzzing and body tremors

  • Temporary discomfort/pain, as blockages are released.  (These are usually only for a second then they are gone).​​


Difference between a reading and a healing

Please understand for this type of session, I’m more focused on the energetics and watching changes as opposed to reading. Sometimes I may get a lot of information during this process, but other times I may not get much. The intention in a healing is to bring the healing energy to you. 

If you think you do want to intellectually KNOW more information rather than just have energy work done, than a reading might be the better service to fill your needs. Too much talking and seeking information can get in the way of more intensive energy clearing.

Background as  a healer

I have been working as a Registered Nurse since 2014 and obtained my Holy Fire Reiki level 2 practitioner in 2016, as well as my attunement for Metatronia Therapy. I am also a level 3 clairvoyant graduate from the International School of Clairvoyance. I am also a psychotherapist in New Brunswick Canada, having finished my masters degree in counselling psychology.

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Energy Healing
Energy Healing
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