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International School of Clairvoyance Log

Advanced Clairvoyant Training

You Will Learn:

  • How to structure a reading

  • Focus on different types of telepathy

  • Life path readings

  • Medical Intuition

  • Past life readings

  • Out of body healings and working with guides

  • Dealing with troublesome entities
  • Mediumship (including reading guides & deceased loved ones)
  • Clairvoyant Challenges
  • Psychic Speed Reading
  • Remote viewing
  • Deprogramming
  • Advanced Healing Techniques
  • Professional Development
  • Akashic records
  • Remote Viewing Real Life Issues
  • Creativity & Creative life force readings & healings

Clairvoyant Program Level II Advanced
with Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D, ISC Director

Level 2 Advanced Clairvoyant Training Program

(12 Week Spring 2024 Program -

Intensive & highly-interactive

live Zoom class) 3.5 hrs per week


Classes start September 8, 2024
Sundays at 10 am PST, which is 1 pm EST.
Early bird special ends 30 days before the start date
($300 off if paid 30 days before start of class) 
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  • This program requires the student to have already gained a basic working knowledge of clairvoyant/psychic reading and to have either participated in the beginning distant training program, or in person the private training program with Debra Lynne Katz.  This is a continuation of the Level I Class. Therefore it's necessary to take that class (which is very fast paced/accelerated) or you will be missing the core curriculum.

  • Whether you've just graduated from the Level I program (our or another BPI style clairvoyant program) or you've taken a long break, you are welcome to join us.

Who is This Class For? 

This Level 2 Advanced Clairvoyant program will bring students who are graduates of Level One to a more fantastic place of confidence, so they will feel capable of going out and practicing as a clairvoyant reader and psychic on their own and even on a professional level. The Level one class is a prerequisite.


Students will continue practicing previously learned techniques while learning new clairvoyant and healing templates and approaches. Clairaudient, telepathic, and somatic body responses will be explored in more detail. Mediumship, working directly with the body, and more intensive and focused healing and deprogramming skills will also be the focus.


More significant challenges within the group reading and reading on one experience will be introduced so that students can continue to expand their skill sets under the guidance and support of an experienced teacher before or while launching on their own. 


Sometimes, after a psychic has practiced for a while, they must update their self-view and refresh and clean off their psychic tools. 


Each class will have this as a goal in addition to teaching the students how to conduct themselves professionally during psychic work.

Twelve weeks of 3-hour interactive classes, each with a clairvoyant reading component 


Advanced healing and protection techniques will also be covered.


Working with mediumship, clairaudience, quick switch frequency techniques, telepathy, medical intuition, pet/animal readings, and remote viewing/crime solving will also be explored in greater detail.


In this class, students who wish to move toward the professional level will build a business plan for themselves and be given homework assignments that move them toward this goal. They will also be paired with other students and volunteers outside of class to practice.

Students will continue learning to shift their energetic/emotional vibrations instantaneously.


They will learn to continue to deprogram themselves from limited belief systems and emotional pain to access their true power and joy.

Questions? Contact Debra

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Students will also learn the practicalities of becoming a professional psychic, gain a new understanding of ethical and business considerations, and learn how to utilize their psychic abilities to complement other types of healing/ holistic modalities 

Students will learn further techniques for self-protection and setting boundaries with clients.
As with all our programs, this is as much a self-healing/ transformation/ alchemic program as a hardcore, intensive psychic abilities training course. While clairvoyance is emphasized, you will learn to control and work with all your psychic abilities. The mission is to bring you to the next level in your personal, spiritual, and professional growth. 

Individual needs, experience levels, talents, and confidence levels are all considered throughout the class. So, some students will be given assignments/homework, etc., that others may not get or may get at a different time.

Certificates will be awarded upon class completion after meeting the requirements for attendance & participation. 

These courses will fill up so do not delay!

Ask about our international discounts in areas where the U.S. dollar is more expensive.

Payment plans:  No interest payment plans are available at check out
Please check with Debra before registering to see if you qualify



Will I need level 2 After Level One?

No! Level one is designed to be a complete program in itself. Students take level 2 because they enjoy level one so much they don't want to stop the momentum; they have a thirst for continued techniques and practice or because they've had some time away and are ready to jump back onto a whole new level. But no student should ever feel like they will miss something forever if they don't continue. Some Level One students are already off and running, practicing independently, and some decide they have learned all they need. Some decided they don't want to work with people in real-time and go onto remote viewing where they can be super psychic without dealing one-on-one with people. Some need a break! Many do choose to continue.


I've had lots of training and experience, why can't I enter the Level 2 class directly?

The Level 2 class is a continuation of Level 1. The core techniques, mediations, concepts, and group work happen in the first class, designed for beginners through professionals. Level One is about learning a new system, which has been developed to bring people to the next level in their growth. Any time in the past Debra made an exception, both the student and her soon after realized that the student needed to include more core information and be in sync with the other students..

How am I ready for this class? I'm worried other students are ahead of me in their skill level..

Everyone is already expected to be at various levels of proficiency in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Students will be matched appropriately as they continue practicing in small break-out groups and in the more extensive group sessions. This is a continuation class, so you need to have completed most of the Level One courses to start in this class. You need to know how to conduct yourself. 

Can I repeat this class if I still don't feel like I have met all my goals by the time I graduate, or if I simply want the additional practice?


Yes you can repeat this class one time for as long as it is offered. 

Will there be opportunities to become a facilitator in the practice groups and learn how to teach myself.

Yes. After you complete this class, you can share your interests and apply to be a group facilitator for the practice groups. Group facilitators receives ongoing mentoring and training free of charge.


I have now had the privilege of attending Debra Katz’s 12 week beginning course and 12 week advanced course.   She is an amazing teacher and brings out your abilities to their fullest potential.  The guided meditations that she takes you through are so powerful you can feel the energy working throughout your entire being.  These classes are a necessity  for not only the most advanced psychics and healers but also the very beginning ones.  Everyone who attends her courses will benefit and be amazed at the transformations within themselves.  I highly recommend taking both of these courses as it has personally transformed my entire life.  I started as a beginning student with virtually no experience on clairvoyant readings or healings.  After completing both of Debra’s 12 week  courses I am proud to say I am now working as a professional clairvoyant reader and healer.  I want to thank Debra from the bottom of my heart for all of the wisdom she has imparted on me.  She has truly changed my life.


Michele Schultz, Thousand Oaks, CA.

"I have taken every class Debra has taught (and would sign up for more if she created new courses). Her teaching style is so unique, down-to-earth, and incredibly informative. Her lessons and techniques are invaluable, and because of her classes, I finally feel ready to start my own business!! If anyone is interested in any of Debra's courses, do yourself a favor and enroll. ITS WORTH IT!!"

Darcie Covington. 

I had the absolute pleasure of participating in Debra Katz's Level 1 and Level 2 Clairvoyant Programs and was blown away! Debra's programs are based on clear and practical skill development exercises. Though I have always felt I had psychic abilities, I never knew how to tap into the psychic realm to develop those abilities. I began the first course as a complete novice, and by the end of the program, I felt a wonderful sense of confidence and competence in my clairvoyant abilities.


Debra has a beautiful, compassionate, and engaging nature and is thoroughly committed to your success as a student. I felt very grateful to have had an opportunity to be given "homework" to reinforce the teachings from the class and to be able to ask questions and engage in discussion throughout the programs. We had a lot of fun and covered some very in-depth material in a manageable way. Debra is a brilliant and gifted psychic and also really fun, open, and highly knowledgeable as a facilitator and speaker. I very much appreciate the research and application foundation that Debra provides to this area of work.


I look forward to participating in other programs, including Remote Viewing, and I highly recommend Debra to anyone looking for high-value psychic programming and services.

Shannon P, Kingston, Ontario

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