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Meet Michelle Carnicle


Michelle Carnicle

Michele Carnicle

Michele Carnicle is a loving and caring empath, healer, medium and clairvoyant. She is passionate about helping others achieve happiness, peace, and love in their lives. She is a graduate of all three levels of clairvoyance training at the International School of Clairvoyance, currently in private study learning the art of dream tending, is also an administrator and has been a co-moderator at

It is Michele’s goal to ensure that you are left with a joyful, healing, positive experience. She strives to be approachable, entertaining and uplifting, all while holding herself accountable to the upmost professional standards.

Throughout her entire life, Michele has always had experiences with the paranormal. From instances of profound intuition to seeing or hearing spirit, she has always known there was more to the world that what most people believe. Michele’s greatest joy is to use her abilities to help others. She is experienced in everything from general readings, relationship readings, healings, past life regressions, mediumship and more. 


Michele Carnicle was spot on. I was totally WOWED. She immediately connected with my energy. I also could sense her energy even before the reading began and found out soon after we met that she received some images before our meeting that made complete sense to me.. At the end of our reading I brought up something that needed some clearing and Michele did an amazing clearing that I could viscerally feel. For my questions, I asked some very personal ones and Michele was not just very professional about it all, but very kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I felt safe in my reading with her. Thank you very much, Michele.    Dawn M E  NYC, NYS  Aug 09, 2022

"Michele is spot on! I have had many readings from her in the past and she is very accurate. I have been amazed how well she could tune into what was going on in my life and provide me with divine guidance, dates, and answers. Michele is also very kind, warm, and loving and that has always made me feel so loved and cared for. She carries such an energy of magic and grace. Highly recommended!"

Jari P.

"Michele is a fantastic healer and psychic! I had a wonderful experience with her. The images she picked up relating to my ancestors were especially touching. I'd recommend her to absolutely anyone."

Annabel M.


"Michele is an extremely sensitive healer and accurate reader. She's able to tune into your feelings and the information that you require at amazing speed. She's also very approachable and makes you feel confortable and safe. I've had some readings with her and always got spot on guidance:-)"

Pili T.

"Michele is a incredibly intuitive woman with very wonderful gift and I am so happy with my reading. i feel amazing since you did some healing work. Thank for the encouragement and all the good adice. I will recommend you to others. Thank you again so much...Blessings to you and the future...."

Kipper J.

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