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International School of Clairvoyance
Graduate Readings - Meet Mae Petit!


Mae Petit - Clairvoyant & Healer!


Mae Petite has had natural access to all her extrasensory abilities for as long as she can remember, but has not known what they were, how to use them, how to consistently get information and how to strengthen them for much of her life. Not having guidance or support in these abilities led to a lot of turmoil and, in turn, seeking information and truth. She found Debra’s book ‘You Are Psychic’ in 2014, then took her Clairvoyant courses and was able to find the understanding, development, control, and consistency she was looking for, which naturally started to improve her day-to-day life. She continues to seek information, develop, and expand techniques, and grow as an intuitive energy worker.  

She believes she was born with her extrasensory abilities so she could help herself and others navigate, heal, and understand this amazing experience we call life.


Mae is a highly creative person who is currently going back to school to pursue a formal education in visual arts. She loves singing, dancing, beading, knitting, acrylic & watercolor painting, tattooing, drawing, sewing, designing accessories and clothing, solar wood burning and any other medium that piques her interest. At her core, she loves people and feels it is her purpose to help others through Clairvoyant work and art.

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