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The intuitive art of
Dream tending 1

Feb. 21, 2018 - April 11, 2018 

5:30 pm  -  8:00 pm PST 

Wednesday Evenings, 20 hours over 8 Weeks



(option to have cameras/microphones on or off)














with a focus on intuition, clairvoyance and empathic resonance. In this course we will explore the multi-dimensionality of image and psyche, seeing how image reflects and informs us on the personal, interpersonal, societal, and world-dream levels of reality.  


We will also learn how to depower unpleasant  dreams and build alliances with the most powerful dream-allies. Then we will experiment with Dream Healing and making "medicines of the soul." Throughout, we will practice the four-stage process of Association, Amplification, Animation and Embodiment. Topics such as shadow work, the value of depth practices within the context of pursuing one's spiritual path, the relationship between psychic images and dream images, sleep paralysis, etc. will add to our lively discussions. 


Students will experience the profound mirroring between inner and outer nature, dive deep into the collective unconsciousness, and cultivate the art of "not knowing." Dream Tending is a skill that improves presence with clients and loved ones: ideal for therapists, intuitive readers, healers and parents. 


In between class sessions, students will explore at their own pace. They will have opportunities to meet with partners via phone, in person (depending on where you live), or Skype and to practice techniques, go on dream-nature walks, and share experiences on the private group page.

Tuition: $495.00 (Payment Plans Available)

In this highly interactive workshop webinar experience we will practice the intuitive and Shamanic Art of Dream Tending, a process of hosting the living images of night-time and waking dreams.  Techniques that will enhance lucidity in dreams will be introduced, and you will learn how to bring dreams into daily living so as to become lucid in the waking "Dream Time." This approach to Dream Tending builds upon a method originally developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, integrating indigenous wisdom from around the world with depth psychologies 


AMY BETH KATZ is Founding Director of the School of Living Dreams. She is a clairvoyant, dream tender, shamanic healer, eco-counselor, wilderness rite of passage guide, poet, and tarot reader. She integrates Jungian/Depth Psychology and active imagination into all her work. She has taught cross-cultural communication for twenty years, at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, the University of Maryland, and Clemson University, as well as in Europe. Amy has a soul-guiding/intuitive healing practice in Santa Barbara. She is author of "The Lizard Thieves: Love Poems" and "Quoth the Raven, Goblins & Lusty Maidens: A Collection of Classic Narrative Poetry" and is working on her third book, "Backyard Shaman's Guide to Power Animals" and also "Dreamweaving," about tending soul and developing intuition via cyberspace. 

For more information or to schedule a private Dream Tending session, please visit: schooloflivingdreams or call: 805-428-9252

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