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Welcome to the Historical RV Project Page  Find your tasking here & return to upload your transcript.



SS For 111 Map.png
1100                   1790                    1800          Present                    

Target #222TSH222

SS #222 Maps.png

Year 1305         Any Important Time              Present

Target #333TRH333

SS 333 Map.png

2000 BC            ANY IMPORTANT TIME         Present              

These targets are for remote viewers who have been invited to participate in this project. Each of these are for a different location. Please describe the location.

The Historian would like to know about specific time periods for each location, but then for some of these targets, the periods are not so defined and you can tell yourself to move to the time that would yield the most helpful information about the location. 


When you probe, do so not with the idea, "am I right?" but be very curious as to what it is like there. Think of yourself as a time traveler going back through your RV to experience the target.  

You can click on the PDF file for each one to download the tasking document you see here. 

Please make sure if you do more then one target/map that you put into a separate document for each target, and that you specific the time periods you are working with as you work and in your summary.


More Specific Instructions:


Thank you to those who are participating in this project I'm calling the Historical RV Project. Our "client" is a historian (this is an unpaid project for all!). The goal is to describe both known and unknown aspects of the location, and what ever activity, objects, things,

lifeforms, etc. might be found (assume nothing though!. 


The purpose of this project is for your remote viewing to help write the accurate history of what the location has been like at various time periods. 


To do that you will need to be detailed, and make sure that you do thoroughly

explore what ever you get earlier in your session as the more detailed the more useful your session will be. 


While we didn't at first disclose the time periods we were most interested in, we found viewers were just making assumptions and probing their own assumptions, so I've now added the specific time periods the historian would like to know about. There are a couple of these though with less defined time periods as it's up to you to just let your consciousness take you to that which would be most useful for you to describe. Just if there is a date to the target you are working with, explore this date first and spend the most time on that date.


Attached you will find the links to the tasking for 4 different targets/locations and the time periods.

You will each be assigned one target initially, but then are more then welcome to do any of the others after you have complete your assigned target. Please submit your transcript to me and expect one re-tasking before moving onto the next target. 


So just to clarify - each target has a map with an X mark on it. The task is to probe the X so you can move your consciousness to the exact corresponding location and describe in detail the date or time period at the bottom of the map. Where it says any important time, just let your subconscious take you to what needs describing that will provided the needed information.


You may use what ever method you like for your session. Please provide a detailed summary and make sure it is comprehensive with everything from your session you'd want included

since I may only send him your final summary..


Submit final summary:


Final Compilation Sketches for various time periods:


The Tasking Maps can be easily downloaded here.

Please email me your transcript at  Make sure your first & last name & target # are in the file name. This will go into Debra's private drop box account.

(A;so know Im open to which viewers does which target, just want to make sure we get them all covered by time we are done by about 5 viewers each.

Any questions please contact Debra

Target #444WBCW444

SS 444 Chris.png


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