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What is Associative Remote Viewing?


Associative Remote Viewing is a methodology utilized primarily for predicting the result of events, where there are two or more possible outcomes. Common events would include sports betting; (for example, predicting which team will win, the over/under score); horse racing; stock market/financial futures, etc. It involves associating either a photo, video or sensory experience (i.e., a particular taste or smell) with a particular outcome.  So the viewer isn't viewing the outcome itself, but rather that which is paired with the outcome. Associate remote viewing is utilized in situations where there usually isn't enough differences between options for a remote viewer/psychic to be able to give a description that will distinguish between the two option.  So if one outcome (horse 1) is paired with a photo of a jet landing, and the other (horse 2) is paired with a photo of a baby playing in a sand box, the viewer will describe the one attached to the winning outcome in enough detail. Whoever is evaluating the session will have no doubt, which photo is being described, and then can go on to make the appropriate wagering/betting decision.  This methodology usually requires a team approach and there is currently a lot of research and new developments happening in this field, most of which has been collected in one place most recently by Debra Lynne Katz & Jon Knowles, in our new book entitled, Associative Remote Viewing: The Art and Science of Predicting Outcomes for Sports, Finances, Elections and the Lottery.

For more information about our book, including to learn about the books contributors and links to their websites, visit the official book's website here:


Associative Remote Viewing

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