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Artemis' story

Debra, several other psychics and remote viewers did sessions throughout the 3 months she was gone to try to find her. Their corroborated results included the following,  which turned out to be  90 percent correct (we don't know if they had a Volks Wagon in the back as we didn't get to see the back of their house).

1. Artemis left the premises on her own but was taken by a woman.

2. The woman is single but lives with an older son. Both are rather reclusive.

3. There are horses on the property.

4. The house where Artemis is being kept is in the desert, surrounded by Joshua Trees.

5. The house has a black iron gate out in front.

6. There is a large blue object in front that appears to look like a swimming pool.

7. The property is large.

8. The property is only a few miles away from Debra's house, towards the back.

9. The people who have Artemis are aware that she has another family.

10. There is a yellow Volkswagen bug in the back.

OK. So those are some good details that no less than 4 viewers described in their sessions. However, upon a search, it became clear that much of the above description fitted at least 100 houses in the nearby area, which was all desert and Joshua trees. Further more, most of the houses were on at least 2.5 acres of land and were enclosed behind fences and gates and trees. People in the area were known to have guns and attack dogs on their property and didn't take kindly to people snooping around, looking for dogs or anything else.

In this case, even with all this information, Artemis was not found via a search. She was found because the women with the older son and horses called after 3 months and admitted she had taken the dog, chosen to ignore the signs posted all over the neighborhood, and was finally calling to return Artemis, because she felt she couldn't handle keeping her any more due to her own health concerns. Now it's possible all this psychic attention (with some mental influencing going on by Debra and friends) made an impact on her decision to call. Of course we can't verify that's what happened, but there does seem to be a trend that when someone puts their attention on something that is lost or stolen, it can have an impact on the outcome. This is something we cannot guarantee and doesn't always happen, but there does seem to be a trend.

The point here is that sometimes, something or someone may be hard to find, because there are no distinguishable landmarks where they are located. In the above example, had Artemis been taken to "a house that had a tall windmill on the property that sticks up above all other homes, was across the street from a bank and about half a block from Mc Donalds", the house probably would have been located as fast as Debra could drive there, because this could only describe one house in her entire neighborhood. Now, whether or not she would have been able to see the dog from the front gate or talked to the owners, it would have been a different story. She would have been a lot more likely to press the issue with them if this would have been the only house in the area that could possibly fit the viewer's (and her own) description. Conversely, lets say the dog would have been at a camp site in the middle of a national forest, a great description could have been provided, but it would have been useful mainly in only to rule out other possibilities, unless of course there was an entire search team ready and able to spent as much time as it took to search that forest.  Even then, is something missing in the forest near a rangers station? Near a distinguishable body of water? Or is it merely in the middle of a clump of trees and stones that could take days to hike into? Debra once spent an 8 straight hour session describing the location of where a body had been left. It was lying in the middle of a National Park and was quickly decomposing, from what her session indicated. She never got feedback, so doesn't know if there was any follow-up to this.

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