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Debra's PK Mind Body Practice Blog

Psychokinesis (PK) is the human capability to influence physical matter with the power of ones mind, intention, thought and emotions rather then through physical contact of the body with an object or environment. While everyone may have the potential, some people will exhibit this potential more strongly or spontaneously. This ability may have to do with the internal psychological or somatic processes of an individual and may be very influenced by the environment around them. Some researchers, experiencers, clairvoyants, mediums, etc., suggest that it is possible that outside forces may contribute to these abilities such as in the case of mediumistic/spiritual or even alien beings. PK is thought to be involved in Poltergeist activities which was traditionally thought to involve spirits but some parapsychologists believe it may really be a phenomenon associated with a living persons psychokinetic ability.


    While some people have learned how to control this ability at will - most have not. Some, like myself, have had some quite minor successes but not very controlled. Still you may enjoy following me through my practice sessions with "Practice" being used in the sense of it is not being professional, but rather highly experimental as in stumbling, trying what ever might work before moving onto something else that may or may not pan out. 


I started this blog and PK practice as a class assignment (again after having some minor success in the past) and am sharing the blog simply because I had to take a lot of time to create it for the class and now hopes it may inspire others to explore this fascinating phenomenon. Again, unlike clairvoyance, I do not at all even begin to call my self an expert, as you will read I really doesn't know what the heck she's doing at this point!


But feel free to follow me on my roller coaster journey of discovery. In the process I will share with you some of the leading research I have come across with links to these or at least references. 


Of course if you are someone who has mastered this - please get in touch and share your knowledge!



Debra Lynne Katz

Author, Director, Lead Instructor

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