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Clairvoyant Meditation

Meditation: Reading your Inner Landscape

Denis Thalson

Brand New Course!

Clairvoyant Meditation: Reading Your Inner Landscape

Refresh your mediation experience!  Get support for establishing a regular meditation practice, or inspiration to widen and deepen an existing one:

This class is for you if you have taken Debra’s level 1 clairvoyant course, are familiar with running energy, and would like to extend and deepen that practice.

As we regularly and conscientiously practice meditation our understanding and appreciation of the basic tools continues to shift, unfold and grow. Often we don’t realize that this has happened and that we need to update our practice to reflect where we actually are now with it. In this class we will spend some time reviewing all the fundamental clairvoyant tools to help you recognize and assimilate how your awareness and understanding of them has progressed. (Plus we will also consider some aspects of the tools and ways of running energy that may be new to you.) For this reason the class is limited to students who have taken at least level 1 and have had some time to work with and experience the tools.  Don’t get stuck in a discouraging meditation rut! This class will help you renew your practice and keep it fresh and in present time. This helps keep up enthusiasm and interest!

Become a better reader of others through learning to read yourself:


We are used to reading other people but we sometimes neglect to read ourselves, or to explore our own inner landscape in any depth. But if so we miss out on a lot! Knowing ourselves, through understanding our own psychic space more deeply, can be intensely satisfying and empowering in itself. It also makes us better readers of others, because intimate experience with reading ourselves helps increase our connection with our readees. One focus will be on discovering more of your perceptual filters that get in the way of true seeing of your readees, and what to do about those matches. Our matches filter our perceptions of others, and can skew both what we allow ourselves to see and how we interpret what we do let ourselves see. Learn how reading yourself through meditation helps enormously with recognizing and managing your matches, and how you react to them. Meditation can help you be more aware of the subtler aspects of your own energy, and that gives you access to greater awareness of finer and finer layers of the matches you have with others, to make you a better, clearer, more neutral reader of other people and situations. See what’s actually there, not what your beliefs and unexamined feelings dictate you will see!


Connect with empowering self knowledge. Explore aspects of your personal psychic anatomy that aren’t covered in other ISC classes:


Going beyond the chakras, the aura, the earth and cosmic energy channels, we’ll explore often neglected parts of your psychic space, such as the creative rings, analyzer, genetic entity, past life aura, the nadis, and more, and learn what they can tell us about the state of our space. When you really know your own energy you can distinguish the subtler aspects of other’s energy more easily, making you a much better reader. This tour of additional layers of psychic anatomy can help you have a wider awareness of levels of energy both in yourself and in others.


Clear and balance your space on different vibrational levels. Practice running white, and discover new ways to run and work with white energies:


We’ll explore what can be seen at white, and beyond that at platinum, learn how to clear those spaces and what that clearing can do for us.  Working at these elevated energy levels we can clear unconscious invalidation, remove marker “cookies” left by beings in our space, clear energy residues left by our guides and other entities in our space that can slow us down, clear and repair our transmedium channels for better communication with our guides, and generally clean up spaces that are usually unconscious but whose contents nevertheless influence us. Meet the entities who guide you on the white and platinum levels. We will learn to channel (white) light universal love energy through all twelve major chakras to further clear out old energies, pictures, and beliefs and stabilize our energy flow on the (major) chakra level.


Come share your meditative experiences and questions, and find mutual support as we explore reading ourselves first, in order to more accurately read others


Each class session will feature deepening guided meditations, space for Q and A, plus discussion and debriefing time.


Many of you will know Denis from his work supporting Debra in all the levels of clairvoyant classes this year, and from his facilitation of reading practice groups. Taking an eclectic approach to meditative inner landscape exploration, Denis shares teachings and techniques from several teachers, and a variety of other sources, including his own meditative experience, that have proved personally useful.

$295 for six sessions.

Saturdays from 10 am to noon PST

Start date March 3rd, 2018

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