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Debra Lynne Katz International School of Clairvoyance


Current Members

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Debra Lynne Katz

Krishanti Whala
Sara Wiseman
Amanda Meder

Sara Wiseman

To honor those graduates who have studied with Debra Lynne Katz and the International School of Clairvoyance, and have continued to develop their intuitive skills in a way that goes above and beyond the requirements of their programs, and at the same time has served the public while adhering to the highest of standards of excellence, we have created an honors club.  ​

It is also our hope that achieving membership in this club will serve as a motivating factor for current students and graduates to continue with their practice, to push themselves to strive to new heights in their personal development and work with others.
Members are invited to attend who have met the following achievements:
*Have performed over 100 readings on their own, each at least being an hour in length per readee/client.

*The above does not include readings conducted during class, practice groups, or with supervision.

*Only readings conducted during or upon completion of one of our 12 week programs (or private training) can be counted.​ Readings conducted prior to starting training will not apply.
*Readings performed must have been done in real time, either via face to face with a single client or over the phone.  Email readings do not count, even though these are viewed as valid ways to do readings.

*Readings that were done for free, or for payment are acceptable, as long as the above requirements are met.
*Members must maintain an exemplary record of adhering to professional standards and ethics. 
*The ISC has the right to terminate one's membership in the 100 Readings club at any time, without justification or notice. The ISC also has the right to refuse membership if it's felt the above criteria has not been met. If we refuse membership we will provide criteria that the applicant needs to complete and then will reconsider once this has been met. 

Membership in this club is free.  Members can submit themselves for consideration in the club. Just because a graduate of our programs is not a member in no way suggests they have not completed the above requirements, but merely means they have not submitted an application for membership.
Those interested in applying, or those with any questions  about the 100 readers club should contact the club President, Debra Katz.
This club was officially created April 30, 2013.
Note: There is no way to buy your way into the club! You must do the work!
(well unless you donate a million dollars to us, but still, we will create a special category for you, you still won't be able to say you did 100 readings unless you really did them!).
Robin Gamache

Robin Gamache

Kathleen Swinbourne

Kathleen Swinbourne


This page is being updated, please return as we will be adding our newest members soon! 

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