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Sponsored by the International School of Clairvoyance

with Debra Lynne Katz & Maureen M as your hosts



8:00 am to 10:00 am PDT

11:00 am to 1:00 pm EST


Wake up to a Clairvoyant Reading & energy healing from our graduates and students!

Experience what a combined clairvoyant reading and healing is like.

Receive guidance and communication to help you reach your goals.


Or just come and sit in the energy healing current,

bring photos of your loved ones in need of healing who can’t make it themselves.

Also write down your healing goals for yourself, your life, your creations and bring that too!













Regenerate, rejuvenate, release, relax, refresh, lift your vibration frequency up

Experience what it’s like to join into a real time healing energy current

Everyone welcome, all backgrounds, disciplines, methods, as long as you

are coming with pure intentions and a loving heart.


Register here to get onto the call for the meditation/healing bath – FREE

(although a donation is appreciated as this is a fundraiser)








Gain greater understanding of yourself and relationships or path

Feel free to ask them any questions, they will do their best to provide insights

levels of experience will vary from beginner through advanced and even professional!

You may receive a reading from a single reader/healer or a group of them.



Register here to receive a 30 minutes private session - Minimum $25

Questions? Feel free to contact us here

FAQ - uh....How will this work exactly?

Although the ISC has offered practice groups for years, it's usually set up where only one person registers for a reading per session. For the first time,  since this is a healing/reading fair

everyone will show up at once. In the main room Maureen will lead us through a meditation and then we will all bath in the healing light and energies. This will be very powerful for all. People can also bring a photo of their loved ones to join in the healing bath. Additionally, those wishing to receive a private healing/mini clairvoyant reading that will last apx 30 minutes can join but they need to register for that by making a donation in advance to our fundraising event. 


Our fundraising event is to help someone in need who has small children and is dedicated to helping the world and is in need of a computer for his studies. All proceeds will be donated.

It's not anyone related to any ISC staff or relatives. 


If you'd like a private session during the event, or would just like to donate, please click on the "Donate Now" button. We appreciate a minimum donation of $25. 

Then also please click on the "Register to Join in on the healing bath" above

to get your unique phone number and pin that will allow you to call into

maestroconference system. It will be like making a call to California. You can also

call in using a variety of options using your computer. We will all be on audio. no video.

Click here to learn about your calling in options


Energy Spiritual Healing works on a level that is related to aspects of an individual that one can't see. This is not a medical practice. It is not intended to act as a medical practice. If you are ill or injuring or anything like that we have to legally tell you that we can not help you with this or we can be sued. So this is for your spirit only. That being said your spirit does have incredible healing abilities so we do believe you can heal yourself, we will help you to help yourself on a variety of levels but this is not intended in anyway to serve as medical help. We at the ISC both utilize spiritual healing practices to lift our mood, our spirits, our energy, and this has a profound effect on us on a spiritual level. However, we strongly believe that medical doctors and trained medical professionals. including allopathic doctors. are as much a gift of God and spirituality as is any other practice. Furthermore we believe in having regular checkups from licensed medical professionals, and taking advantage of all the latest medical technology available. We do this ourselves. Finally, we have seen the effects of people that only wanted to receive energy healing and didn't follow through with regular checkups or with much needed treatment by allopathic medical professionals and they ended up not making it. That was their choice, but still, just saying. Please join us but let this be one of the many things you do to help yourself, and again this is not medical help. Is this for entertainment purposes only as some websites say so they won't be sued? No. It is not.  We hope you will have fun, but this is to truly help you as a spirit, a soul, and a human being and teach you some things at the same time.

8:00 am to 8:20 am PDT, Meditation in Main Room

8:20 to 10:00 am PDT - Group Healing Bath in Main Room

8:20 to 10 am - Individual Sessions in Break Out Rooms



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